Xinwei cook – Everybody can be a home cook {15% discount}

I guess you won’t be surprised If I would tell you, that you can order almost everything online in Shanghai. From groceries on Kate & Kimi or Fields, to Wine on BottlesXO, Flowers on Song-Hua and even living animals on Taobao (no joke). Not to mention everything eatable from almost every restaurants all over town.

But there is a new star on Shanghai’s delivery sky: Xinwei Cook.

  • Xinwei Cook? Guess that has something to do with cooking?
  • Yep, exactly. Xinwei Cook is a new meal delivery service.
  • One more meal delivery service? That’s exactly what Shanghai needs...(Irony off)
  • Nope, Xinwei Cook is different.

They don’t deliver a ready to eat meal, they deliver some kind of meal kit. That means you receive every fresh and organic ingredient you need to cook a certain dish, pre-measured and portioned alongside a step-by-step cooking instruction. And all that delivered to your doorstep. Perfect.

The only thing you need to do is cooking and you will get a healthy, fresh made lunch or dinner. And do you know what’s the best part about it? You know exactly whats inside your food.

So I was pretty happy that Xinwei Cook sent me 2 dishes and I had the opportunity to try it:

Teriyaki Salmon and Mixed Vegetables and Sauteed Prawn with Pitaya and Macadamia

And that’s how the kits look like, including everything you need:

First I tried the salmon with mixed veggies. The preparation was super easy with the step by step instruction and I received a really delicious dinner after not even 10 minutes in the kitchen. That’s exactly how I like it after a long day :).

The only thing I didn’t like was the pre-measured amount of olive oil, which I was supposed to use. I already saw, while cooking, that it would be way too much oil, so I just used half of it and it was more than enough. But maybe that’s just a personal preference since I am not really into too oily and fatty stuff. So therefore I wouldn’t really see it as a negative point because it’s not a big issue to just use less then in the kit included.

Apart from that, I was really surprised by the all over quality, thumbs up.

For the sauteed prawn with pitaya and macadamia it was unfortunately a little bit different. I really loved the dish and creativity of the composition because I never had fried pitaya with seafood at the side before.

The combination is actually really flavorfull and goes well together (will definetly try that in other combinations aswell). But to be honest, I didn’t cook after the instruction here at all. I think the instruction makes things a little bit more complicated than they have to be and keeping it simple and easy is the actual idea behind the concept, or am I wrong? So I didn’t slid the shrimp (they were actually not that big, so even cleaning the gut wasn’t necessary), I didn’t boil the shrimp and veggies before frying and also left out the delivered cornstach. For me there doesn’t need to be any kind of starch-mix added.

But besides the fact, that I didn’t stick to the instruction, the amount of each ingredient were right on spot, quality was awesome aswell and I had a really yummy dinner. Recommended? Yes.


The portion sizes for both dishes were actually pretty big for 1 person, but not for me (haha) I ate it all by myself. So the only thing I felt a bit guilty about wasn’t that I ate it all, it was more about all the plastic and paper waste I had produced with a single meal. Not really positve for your ecological footprint but due to the fact that the entire concept is about pre-measured and portioned food I don’t really have a solution for this problem. If anybody has a creative idea how to solve that „problem“, please let me know and I will forward it to the guys from Xinwei Xook :). 

By the way, the prices vary from dish to dish but start at 28 rmb, up to 58 rmb.

To sum it up: Great concept, which gives even the most untalented cook the ability to cook a healthy and delicious dinner at home. And all that comes for super reasonable prize and with amazing quality.

Might also be a good way to impress your next date, but that’s none of my business ;).

Curious to try it?

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