Super Salad – Healthy salads delivered to your doorstep with 10% discount

I bet most of you have been in one of the following situations before:

  • You had a really long day at work but still wanted to go to the gym to kick some ass.  Afterwards you feel amazing, fit and healthy but also really really tired AND hungry. So buying groceries and flipping pans and pots around, doesn’t sound really appealing to most people in that situation
  • You are nailed to your office desk due to some deadlines and simply don’t have time to go out and search for a healthy lunch alternative
  • Or you just don’t want to cook because cooking isn’t really your thing, too much trouble, you don’t have cooking equipment and so on... I have heard the most creative answers to the question why people don’t cook in shanghai :D. But  that’s fine, there are so many healthy options around , you just have to find them

The mentioned situations have one thing in common: If you want to get food without cooking, you either buy some take-away or get it delivered. And I guess one thing comes to your mind immediately, when you hear "delivery": SHERPA’S. Yep, okay, your point because delivery in shanghai just screams for Sherpa’s.

But if you want to order a big fresh salad, the (awesome) options are even limited on Sherpa’s. Except you are willing to pay up to 140 rmb for a simple salad with some tiny shrimps, a bit chicken or what ever on top (sorry, element fresh). Especially because portion sizes for most of the delivered salads are super tiny, but they still charge the same amount as eating in the restaurant, where you literally get double the size.

So regarding all that bad „shanghai-salad-experience“, I was super happy that I have stumbled across Super Salad the other day at Becycle Spinning Studio after spinning class. They had  Super Salad flyers there and obviously I had to take one with me.

Wondering why I was so curious about a salad flyer? The pictures at the flyer were almost too good to be true for the price range (34-42 rmb !!!!).

So a few days later we ordered 4 salads to try and to be honest, I didn’t expect much.

I mean where in this city can you find a decent smoked salmon salad with avocado for 42 rmb? I don’t know a single place, even Wagas is more expensive. (If you know any, let me know ;))

40 minutes later, our salads arrived and I was really really reaaallllllyyy surprised. Each salad came with a dressing at the side, a fork and knife with napkin and a piece of multi grain bread. All packed in environmental friendly, brown bags and containers.

I was so excited, that I immediately opened all salads to take a look at them and take some pics. (Guess it’s time to say thank you to all my friends, who are always super patient with all my picture taking and not letting them touch their own food haha)

And seriously, I am not exaggerating, I almost freaked out while taking the pics because I just couldn’t believe how great the value for money was. And before you start asking: YES, it ist hat easy..give me a good salad and I am happy .

To provide you a better understanding of what I am  talking about, take a look at the following salads:

Super Cobb Salad:

Super Snapper Salad

Smoked Salmon Salad

Jungle Energy Salad

Another thing I really liked besides the decent size, were the nutrition facts on each salad’s label. That makes it super easy to check for calories, fat, carbs and most important: protein.

Haven’t seen anything similar here in Shanghai and I really appreciate that.


Besides amazig salads they also offer sandwiches and fruit juices. Haven’t tried the sandwiches because they are made with Ciabatta but the Vegetable Cleanse Juice was really good. By the way, they just use high quality ingredients and 100% home made sauces.

But enough Blabla now...Wanna try Super Salad?

Get a 10% discount with the code „Kitchen-Impossible“.


How to order?

  1. Add Super Salad’s Account on WeChat: supersalad2014
  2. Reply M to the official WeChat account and then you will be replied with a menu in English.
  3. Afterwards you just tell them what you would like to order, your adress and telephone number and thats it.
    • P.S.: Don’t forget to mention your discount code ;)

Have a nice weekend and stay healthy :)


By the way, I am not getting paid or anything to share my experience here. I was just super surprised and happy that I came across this amazing company, that I wanted to share it with you and got in contact with them after my first delivery. Sharing as caring, especially when it comes to good salads in shanghai ;)