Staying hydrated in the Shanghai Heat- The Pink Drink {Part 1}

30 degree upwards, humidity, sun and sweat – a typical mix of summer in Shanghai.

Especially during this season it’s super important to stay hydrated. Our bodies consist of about 75 percent water and during this heat, we have to take care that it stays like that. So we need to replenish all the water we lose every day through sweat et cetera.  If we don’t replace it, out blood thickens which causes harder work for our hearts to pump blood through our bodies, which can raise the risk of a heart attack.

Furthermore staying hydrated controlls our appetite. That’s why it often happens that people who think they feel hungry are not actually hungry, they are thirsty caused by dehydration.

But well, „staying hydrated“ sounds easier than it actually it, because carrying around a 3l water bottle all the time, to have a sip here and there, isn’t really handy. And apart from that a bit taste would be great aswell.

So I created this Drink recipe which doesn’t only taste great and helps you staying hydrated but also provides additional health benefits to keep you cool during this summer heat (More about that later on). Not to mention that it’s super healthy, natural aaaaand low calorie. Sounds like a pretty great combination, right?

Pretty in Pink  - Coconut Water, Aloe Vera and Guava Juice Drink


  • 250ml cold Water
  • 200g Aloe Vera
  • 1 large coconut
  • 1 pink Guava
  • Ice cubes

This is actually the perfect combination of summer health benefits.

Because the coconut water isn’t only rich in nutrients, it furthermore contains more electrolytes than an average sport drink. And especially when you sweat a lot due to heat or physical activity, you tend to sweat out those electrolytes, that’s why sweat tastes a bit salty. So we can give some of those important electrolytes back in a natural way.

Aloe Vera has been used for medical purpose since centuries, so it’s not a big suprise that Aloe Vera is super nutritious aswell. Aloe Vera can even helo you to lower your blood sugar. Apart from that you can use leftovers as a cure against sunburn because applied to the skin it has an amazing and natural cooling affect.

Guava is a high energy fruit which is a real powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. Additional it contains a lot of dietary fiber. Therefore it’s considered as one oft he most healthiest fruits.

I teamed up with Field's, the online grocery shop in Shanghai, for this recipe. Because Guava and Aloe Vera are quite hard to get in Shanghai. Furthermore they have a so called "Coco Easy Coconut" which has an integrated opener, Cool huh :)?

For easy shopping, check out this page and you can order all ingredients with a few click.


1.     First we need to prepare the Aloe Vera leaf by cutting off the lower edge. Now you will see the colorless jelly like gel inside. Squeeze out the entire gel from the leaf into a bowl. Voila, you made Aloe Vera gel.

2.     Open the coconut and fill the coconut water into your aloe vera gel bowl.

3.     Use a spoon to take out the coconut flesh

4.     Cut the guava into cubes

5.     Add all the ingredients to a high power blender and mix until combined without any pieces left

6.     Enjoy :)