Yes, I finally started a blog. Why? That's a good question :).

I was playing with the Idea of blogging for a while now and already did it on instagram for a few years. I always had a passion for food, loved cooking and spent hours in the kitchen creating my own recipes. Apart from that I started my fitness journey a few years ago and got really passionate about it as well.

And to achieve your goals, you have to maintain a healthy diet so cooking and fitness are going hand in hand. That’s why people call it a Lifestyle :). Actually I totally agree with that because as soon as you see changes, you get addicted and change your old habits and your life in general. 

At that point, I somehow started to write down my recipes and published them on instagram (kitchen_impossible). I cannot even remember why I did it but after a while I realized that it’s quite fun and motivating if people start to cook your creations. Furthermore I got and still get inspired by all the great people out there and that’s how a community started to grow and also my recipe repertoire. Right now I can call over 200 recipes my own. I will publish all of them here on my blog bit by bit.


Especially the section “Unhealthy made healthy” is my favorite because most people think that you have to eat salad and raw carrots to stay healthy. That’s definitely NOT true! A healthy diet does not have to be boring and plain but it needs some creativity OR just a good source of recipes (Heeeey, here I am ;)). And that’s why I started to think outside the box and transformed typical fast food and comfort food (Pizza, Pasta, Cake, Waffles, Burger….), which are usually sugar loaded, fatty and just unhealthy, into a much healthier but still flavorful copycat. With these recipes, I promise that you don't have to sacrifice any longer on your favorite fast food. But don’t worry, all the other recipes are also without refined sugar, white flour or tons of butter, so check out the recipe section and let me know what you think.

Apart from all this fitness and cooking stuff, staying fit and healthy can be quite a challenge. Especially if you are living the big city life somewhere around the world.

Shanghai is definitely no exception and can be even more challenging. The simplest things, like buying a can of chickpeas, can become a real struggle while living in China. And you often find yourself wondering if it’s worth the struggle, when you can buy this yummy noodle-dish or some Wonton-Soup, for less than 1,5€ right around the corner. Because basically we are surrounded by cheap eats EVERYWHERE and ALL THE TIME. That can be (yes, I admit it) pretty comfortable. But 90% of this stuff is definitely not safe and not healthy. It’s packed with MSG and you can never be sure what kind of meat you are actually eating or when the kitchen, where your soup was carefully prepared, was cleaned the last time. Don’t get me wrong, I love Chinese food and could kill for a good wonton-soup from the small shop down the street, but that does not mean that it belongs in my daily diet. And if you are eating baozi for breakfast, fried rice for lunch, noodle or wonton soup for dinner and drink 1l of coke in between on a daily basis, I am convinced that in the long-term you are doing more harm than good to your body.

So for me, moderation is the key because we are still in a country where food-safety does not play a big role. You should be aware of that factor but not become an over protective and over worrying freak. If you freak out about all that in this country, you can become very unhappy because it means that you more or less can not eat out anywhere (Bye bye social life). But what does moderation mean?                                                                                                                         It means that I definitely eat this stuff from time to time (I LOOOVEEE FOOODD; AHHHH) but in 85% I prepare my own food. That’s the only way I can totally control what I put into my belly. Starting from quality ingredients to how the food is prepared. Well, you are right, that requires some preparation and also effort but isn’t it worth it?  

What about the remaining 15%? They belong to my eating out experience. As mentioned, I don't eat out a lot but when I do, I know where to go and what to order. Because there are healthy options in almost every restaurant (both Western and Chinese) and we also have a loooot healthy focused restaurants around here.

So summing everything up, eating healthy in Shanghai can become a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and I bet that most people who are reading this right now are saying I don’t have time for all this. You don't need more time!!! You just need to know where to go, what to order or just somebody who takes you by the hand from time to time. There are soooooooo many good options, even in Shanghai. So preparation and some insider-knowledge is the key.

And that’s the reason why I started KITCHEN-IMPOSSIBLE. I want to share this kind of knowledge and provide you with tips and tricks around my healthy adventures in Shanghai and around the world..Sharing is caring as they say, so stay tuned and follow ;)


Note: Wow, I wrote my first blog post, I am impressed. Can I call myself a blogger now haha? :P