Easy vegan no bake 2 layer cheesecake

Ingredients for the crust (9″ spring form baking pan):

  • 80g shredded coconut
  • 7 medjool dates
  • 70g rolled oats
  • 100g ground almonds
  • 10 g coconut oil

For the cheese filling:

  • 250g Cashews (raw, unsalted)
  • 50gFruit of your choice (I used blueberries)
  • 20g coconut oil
  • 100g Nutmilk
  • Lemon zest
  • Natural vanilla
  • Stevia or sweetener of your choice (amount varies depending on how sweet you like it, just try in between)
  • Some Agar Agar


 1. Let the cashews soak over night (or at least 4 hours) in water

2. Drain and rinse, set aside

3. Mix all the ingredients for the crust in a high-power food processor. You should receive a really sticky mixture.

4. Add the mixture to your baking pan an press down with your fingers or a spoon. You should cover the entire bottom.

5. Let set in the freezer

6. In the meantime prepare your “cheese-layers”. Add all the cheese filling ingredients (except the fruit and nutmilk) in a high-power blender. Blend carefully and add as much nutmilk as needed to get a thick but creamy texture.

7. Pour half of your “Cheese-mixture” into the baking pan and pop again in the freezer.

8. Blend the remaining “Cheese-mixture” with the fruit of your choice

9. Add to your crust and first layer

10. Return to the freezer again for about 2 hours to set. After that it should be firm enough to store in the fridge.

Tip: Add some more fruit or fruit-sauce before serving.